R. Dandridge Collins, PhD


Dr. Collins is an ordained minister/licensed PA psychologist with over 30 years of experience training in diverse settings including both church related and the non-profit behavioral health facilities. He is currently the proprietor of the Pastoral Counseling Network, a pastoral psychology practice located in center city Philadelphia and Media, Pa.. His practice specializes in marriage and family therapy, as well as supporting pastors in the counseling of their members throughout the Delaware Valley region. He is also an Associate Minister at the Monumental Baptist Church where the Rev. J. Wendell Mapson is the pastor. Dr. Collins has served at Monumental for the past 19 years.

Additionally, Dr Collins serves as adjunct professor at two (2) graduate institutions. He has been on staff at Eastern Baptist Seminary since 1988 in the Pastoral Care & Counseling concentration. He also served on Eastern Seminary’s Board of Directors for several years. Dr. Collins is on staff with Eastern University’s Graduate Program in Counseling. This program prepares Christian counselors for service in the community. In collaboration with Eastern University’s emphasis on international affairs and social justice, Dr. Collins has traveled to the African countries of Rwanda, Swaziland, and Malawi to develop pastoral counseling resources.

Dr. Collins has written a bestselling book The Trauma Zone: Trusting God for Emotional Healing, released in January 2007 by Moody Publications. His work on trauma was recognized on CNN’s Fit Nation program that was co-hosted by Dr. Sanjay Gupta and former president Bill Clinton. This fall, Dr. Collins lectured on his book in Spanish in Chile, South America. Additionally, he serves as a weekly consultant on The Urban Praise Show, hosted by Rev. Roy Patterson Show, in Chicago Illinois as “Dr. Dan”. He also has been a guest national & local T.V programs. Collins is a frequent quest on radio programs throughout the country. Dr. Collins was a member of the faculty of the National Baptist Convention’s Congress of Christian Education for five years (5). He taught for the Black Family Institute, which is connected to the Advanced Studies Division of the Congress. He has preached and conducted marriage & family enrichment and singles seminars across the country as well as outside of the continental United States.

He has written several monographs on relationship issues. Some of his most notable writings are: Love Talk: A Communication Model for Couples and Singles (1988), Make Your Own Grass Greener (1993), Marital Maintenance (1986) and Single But Not Alone (1990). The Intimate Journey for Christian Couples (2004) and The Intimate Journey for Christian Couples (2004). These writings were presented with workshops he conducted.

Dr. Collins enjoys ministering to people of diverse backgrounds which is evidenced by his ability to speak five (5) foreign languages. And he has preached in Spanish and in American Sign Language on several occasions.

Throughout his career, he has exhibited outstanding oral and written skills and has demonstrated strong problem solving abilities. He is a team player who works effectively with professionals of diverse backgrounds to develop excellence in service delivery.

Dr. Collins earned a BS in Psychology and Spanish with a minor concentration in French from Eastern University. He completed a Masters of Divinity in Pastoral Psychology at Palmer Theological Seminary. He earned his Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology at Temple University as a Bilingualism Fellow. He lives in Bear, Delaware with his wife, Delores Foster Collins and family. His interests include travel, photography and athletics.


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